How to go from the airport to the center of Moscow

Moscow is serviced by three international airports:

Moscow airports are all serviced by speedy Aeroexpress trains, as well as taxis.

By Aeroexpress train (the fastest way)

The Aeroexpress train is by the far the fastest and most reliable way to get in to the city centre, dropping passengers off at the metro circle line in just 35 – 45 minutes.

Duration of trip:

  • Between Sheremetyevo and Moscow (Belorussky station, adjacent Belorusskaya Metro station (Zamoskvoretskaya Line (green)  or Koltsevaya Line (brown ring) ): 35 minutes
  • Between Domodedovo and Moscow (Paveletsky station, adjacent Paveletskaya Metro station (Zamoskvoretskaya Line (green line)  or Koltsevaya Line (brown ring) ): 45 minutes
  • Between Vnukovo and Moscow (Kievsky station, adjacent Kiyevskaya Metro station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line (blue line)  or Filyovskaya Line (azure line)  or Koltsevaya Line (brown ring) ): 35 minutes

An Aeroexpress train ticket can be purchased from Aeroexpress’ website (420 RUB) or from Aeroexpress’ partners(including the airports (470 RUB)). You can also use the official Aeroexpress mobile app (AndroidiOSWindows Phone) which allows users to instantly purchase Aeroexpress tickets, gain access to the latest information on flight departures and arrivals at Moscow airports, and also consult timetables and terminal location maps.

Warning: The Aeroexpress train only runs from 6:00AM until midnight, while the Metro runs from 6:00AM until 1:00AM (the trains run every hour or every half hour depending on the schedule). If you arrive very late or too early you will not be able to use this method of transport.

By taxi

Moscow traffic can be heavy and huge traffic jams are a daily event during rush hours. If you use car to travel to or from either airport, you need to allow for 2 to 3 hours to Domodedovo and 1 to 2 hours to Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo depending on the location of your accommodation. During night times when the roads are quiet, the trip to either airport will take about 45 minutes (from the city centre).

Use only an official taxi. You can reserve a taxi when you arrive at the airport or in advance. The cheapest and the most reliable way is to reserve a taxi via on-line services or using mobile app.

Some popular services:

These services allow the possibility of payment by credit cards.

Caution: Use only official taxis. Strongly NOT recommended to use private one’s (even if they have signs “taxi”). Try to avoid the people who “assault” you as soon as you get through customs with your suitcase offering taxi service even though they may have uniforms that say “Official airport taxi”. These are usually illegal taxi services and can occasionally cost you much more than the official taxis because they do not have set prices.

Moscow Metro

Useful links:

  • Interactive Yandex Metro map in order to calculate your route.
  • The mobile app of Yandex.Metro (iOSAndroidWindows) can be used without an Internet connection in order to look at maps and calculate routes.
  • Official website of the Moscow Metro (only in Russian)
  • Download Moscow Metro map (in JPG format)
  • Moscow Metro Schedule: the majority of stations are open from 5:30AM until 1:00AM.


Tickets can be bought in automatic dispensing machines or in ticket booths manned by a person. You can pay both with a credit card or cash.

Usual Ticket in Moscow metro looks like this:

Types of tickets: (tickets are universal and valid for any kind of public transport in Moscow: bus, trolleybus, tram, light rail system, including Moscow Monorail and Moscow Central Circle)

  • With a limit of trips

You can buy tickets for 1 trip, 2, 20, 40, and 60 (tickets can be shared with other person):

1 trip: 55 rubles

2 trips: 110 rubles

20 trips: 720 rubles

40 trips: 1440 rubles

60 trips: 1700 rubles

These tickets can be also usedin overground transport

  • Without a limit of trips (with time limit)

1 day: 210 rubles

3 days: 400 rubles

7 days: 800 rubles

Moscow Buses, Trolleys and Trams

Moscow overground transport includes buses, trams, and trolleybuses. Along with the Metro, they are quite popular means of transport for locals and provide the following significant advantages:

  • connect remote districts of Moscow between each other and the city center, with some routes running along the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD)
  • allow considerable time-saving during rush hours, owing to the “bus only lanes” (available for the most popular routes)
  • offer special late-night routes which bridge the gap during night hours when the Metro is off service.

For the comfort of passengers, the largest bus/tram/trolleybus stops are equipped with electronic displays, which provide real-time information on arriving vehicles.

Night-hour routes: there are currently 8 night-hour routes in Moscow:

  • 6 night buses (№№ Н1, Н2, Н3, Н4, Н5, Н6)
  • Trolleybus №15
  • Tram № 3

NB: Trolleybuses №№ “Бч” and “Бк” (that follow the Garden Ring Road in opposite directions) and №63 currently do not operate after midnight.

All late-night routes provide service every half-hour.

Tickets can be bought at any Moscow Metro station (see information above).

Useful links: